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Everyday our authentic commitment to the well being of our clients generates feedback via cards, email and letters. It does not matter whether our clients are engaged in our individual career services programs, corporate services programs, leadership development programs, executive coaching programs, project management programs, sales training programs or part of our University Series programs our work truly makes a difference in the lives of our clients. We firmly believe that the “results” are the guru. We take that very seriously in partnering with our clients to unlock their potential.
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“I want to thank you for the excellent support and coaching you have provided in my career transition. Without a doubt, the networking-centric job search methodology you have developed coupled with the 1:1 insightful coaching you provide is a very powerful combination for any person looking to make a successful career transition. In my case, I cannot say enough about the positive experience I have had with you and the Innovational Services team. You have had a profound impact on helping me see alternatives to the traditional high technology career path I was on and how I could leverage my strengths in other areas. In addition, your ability to connect me with high impact people in your network at the right times during my search certainly made a big difference in allowing me to make a well thought out career decision. Thanks again for all your help and mentorship”

President & CEO
Jay K.

“As I reflect on my career transition experience, I realize what a significant role Innovational Services played in helping to achieve success. I came to the realization that my career path with my current employer was no longer moving in the best direction for me. The next significant milestone I crossed occurred two months later, when I accepted the fact that I did not possess all of the skills required to successfully transition alone, and I partnered with Innovational Services. The benefit of our partnership was confirmed immediately when I met Mike Aquilino. His understanding of industry dynamics, his knowledge, and his vast network were some of the key foundations of the process. He, like the entire staff, was always extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient and accommodating. You played a great, significant role in my career transition. You helped me with the mechanical tasks of resumes, cover letters, and interviewing. However, the true gift that Innovational Services provided me was helping me clearly see and articulate the value that I bring through my core competencies and my experiences. Simply stated, you helped me to believe in myself. I have been with my new employer for over one month. I feel valued and appreciated, and I leave work each day with a sense of contribution and satisfaction. I thank you and Innovational Services for helping me get here. Please keep me in your network. I wish to remain connected with you and help others seeking a career transition.”

Senior Vice President
Vincent C.

“I wanted to take an opportunity as we begin the new year to thank you for the value that you have brought to me personally and professionally and the value that you have brought to our organization. Your work with us has helped to empower our executive and managerial teams and achieve the aggressive objectives that I had set out for the organization. The result of your work with us has been powerful and the outcomes that we have achieved have placed us at the top of our sector. As a high-growth, publicly traded company with a capitalization of $1.5B, we have had the opportunity to work with many outside resources, but our work with Innovational Services has distinguished itself as something beyond well beyond consulting or management support. As a rigorous critic and a considered executive, I have truly been delighted by the power that your team has brought to my team. It is a pleasure to work with you. Let’s get this year going!”

Chairman & CEO
Jay S.

“Approximately two years ago, we began our relationship with Mike Aquilino and Innovational Services based on a strong recommendation from members of a local YPO Chapter. Our initial focus was to have the Executive Management team achieve a greater sense of urgency and accountability around our Business Plan. With Mike’s interpersonal skills, business knowledge, and a keen eye for problem solving, he guided us through a major reorganization of our Executive Management group and most recently, a repositioning of our firm’s operating model and client value proposition. Mike also played an integral part in helping newly hired senior level managers make a smooth transition into our company by connecting with them on a regular basis. This benefited both the employee as well as the company, ensuring the individual’s long-term commitment to the organization. In addition, he provided excellent outplacement services for some long-term employees which gave them the confidence and skills to re-enter the market place. He handled all employee matters professionally and confidentially and with the utmost respect for all individuals. Our company is on the cusp of great growth due in part to Mike’s guidance and vision. We truly value the work he has done for us and look forward to continuing our relationship with him and Innovational Services.”

Chairman & CEO

“Please accept my sincerest gratitude for all that you and your team have done for me in my personal and professional development. You and your team have been integral in enabling me to transform myself and well exceed my goals. Innovational Services’ objective to “partner to unlock human potential” is certainly the outcome you have accomplished for me. Several years ago, I had personal goal to develop beyond my sales leadership experience and to become a President of a company. That goal would have not been possible without the career transition support and the exceptional coaching that you and your team provided. Michael, the coaching and mentoring that I have received directly from you has allowed me to achieve breakthroughs in my personal and professional life. You have changed my life! Thanks to you, today I have total accountability for a 15 million dollar company with over 45 employees! One of the most important attributes that I have experienced with you and your team is your personal integrity and your accountability. There are other organizations that attempt to do what Innovational Services does, but I believe that no one does it like you do and as well as you do. Your honest and direct approach produced lasting results in quick fashion. I would not be where I am today without you! The hope I have for the exceptional future that awaits me is due to your commitment to me and the potential that you have helped me unlock. Thank you again for all you have done for me in my life. I will always recommend you and Innovational Services for anyone who wants a great future for their life and for their family.”

Rob W.

“I came to Innovational Services knowing that, while enjoying a successful business career and nearly ideal personal life, there was much more in me that was untapped. I had energy, enthusiasm, drive and intentions that I found difficult to apply with purpose. I knew my inability to harness these forces was not serving me well, but was unsure how to channel all of this productively. From the first day I began working one-on-one with Michael Aquilino, my executive coach, this changed dramatically. Through rigorous analysis, exercises, assignments, drills and research and well-timed discussions, lessons and skilled insight, my outlook underwent a marked transformation. Decisions at work became easier. Results from my team were implemented faster. In executive sessions, my voice was sought after and heard more clearly. New relationships occurred with ease. And accompanying these results has been a constant feeling of building momentum, empowerment and positive energy making the ride all that more enjoyable. Michael helped me to reset my perspective and caused a realignment of the various aspects of my personal and professional life. When we began our work together I did not know what “unlocking human potential” meant and was quite skeptical. Now? Call me and I’ll tell you all about it!”

National Director
Neil B.

“Ideas, visions, dreams and passions create value and meaning when they can be realized. Michael Aquilino and his team at Innovational Services helped me dig deep into who and what I want to be in the world – in my relationship with myself, my family, my relationships and my work in the world– in a seamless and engaged process that has transformed my thinking, my success and more importantly my well-being. Part business strategist, part-executive coach, part shaman, Michael, gently directed me to the points of breakdown in my thinking and my approach to problems, and obstacles and helped me transform them, while allowing me to realize my visions, dreams and passions. With endless thanks and appreciation.”

Mark H.

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the hard work, dedication and most of all the results that we have achieved together over the last six months. As Partner and Sales manager within our company; understanding the meaning of Leadership coupled with the ability to actually Lead is a continuous and ongoing process. Working with you and Jill has provided me with the ability to see more clearly and by example what various forms of leadership there are from multiple perspectives. Because of your mentoring, I have personally reestablished relationships with my associates with a foundation of open and collaborative communication. This has produced new found ways of “Being” that allow for everyone to have a voice and execute at the highest levels. Our sales results have doubled in the time we have engaged your services and will continue to do so as we enter into the next phase of Learning. It is with much anticipation that I look forward to our next sessions, so that I may continue to be exposed to the knowledge and skill sets that will allow me to execute and lead at the highest possible levels. Thank you again for the outstanding results you have produced.”

Partner, SVP
Tony R.

“When we started our consulting company in 2002, we started it with a vision to establish the organization as a “best-in-class” company and to develop and sustain a culture that attracted and retained the best consultants. While we knew this is what we wanted to do, I honestly do not feel we could have achieved our growth (we have grown from 5 consultants to 27 in 5 years and our revenues have tripled) without working with Innovational Services, and specifically, with Mike Aquilino. IS has become an integral part of our company and our management team. Mike and IS have made a huge difference in many of our critical growth and management areas including, but not limited to, our hiring, sales, marketing, operations, and project management systems. In addition to the work they have done to help these systems and processes within our organization, I personally have Mike and IS to thank for helping me personally achieve breakthroughs with respect to my leadership abilities that otherwise would not have been possible. Their ability to analyze and coach leadership and interpersonal skills has made me a more confident and effective leader and person.”

Kevin H.

“Michael Aquilino has had an extraordinary impact on my life, my family's life, and many of my friend's lives. His work has touched my heart, and in so doing, has helped me realize many of my dreams and aspirations, and most importantly, has helped me truly know that all of my dreams and aspirations are "within the realm of possibility". Michael brings an unmatched vitality, enthusiasm and insight to our work together. I value Michael as a coach, friend and mentor.”

Chairman & CEO
Jonathan K.

"Working with Innovational Services over the past year has given me the gift of finding peace in my work, and the freedom to see the possibilities that existed for me as an executive. The coaching and leadership exercises helped me see what was standing in the way of my success, and gave me the power to change it. Through changing my thinking and applying the techniques learned, I was able to regain my confidence and lead my team in achieving one of the most successful years in our company history. With this success, our company doubled in size and my salary increased by over 40%. Most importantly, I continue to enjoy my work, and still use the techniques I learned daily to produce extraordinary results."

Regional Vice President
Karen M.

“I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on the great success we've had. What we've accomplished over the past 2 years is truly remarkable. My mindset has gone from "how am I going to get this done?" to "just try to stop me!" and my performance reflects this tremendous change. While our company hit our growth target of 35%, my personal sales, as the top producing sales executive for our practice, increased by 54%.You equipped me with the change in mindset and way of being, that are so fundamental to all success. And then you reinforced it with the tools and discipline to make it repeatable and predictable. As a direct result, last year I generated 175% of my prior year numbers and I hit my stretch goal in the first four months. Phenomenal! I couldn't have done it without you. In addition to these tremendous financial results, I have grown personally and professionally through your coaching. The positive impact is evident in my personal relationships as well. I'm especially looking forward to continuing with your executive coaching this year as I tackle the new challenges in my expanded role. Thanks!”

Vice President, Business Development
Matt M.

“The Executive Committee of our company, of which I am a member, recently concluded an 8-month program of Leadership Development facilitated by Michael Aquilino of Innovational Services, Inc. As a result, and because of this program, we, as an Executive Committee, became much more effective as an organization and as individuals, we became better leaders. Interestingly and probably naturally, we all embarked upon this program with some skepticism. That skepticism quickly turned to a feeling of certainty. A certainty that we were about to learn something very important and life-changing. We quickly recognized the value that Michael was about to bring to the table. The turning point, in my opinion, was during our second session, when Michael helped us create a mission statement; a short and sweet 7-word mission statement that today is above the signature line of all management personnel in our company. We didn’t ask anyone to add it to their signature line; it just resonated with everyone; it accurately states who were are and what we want to accomplish. Today, alignment is ever-increasing, not only within our Committee, but because we have individually implemented the “fruits” of this program, we find that the concepts of alignment, collaboration and authentic communication are beginning to filter down into every department and management level. What a difference in just 8 months! For me personally, I always thought I had an effective management style. I’ve been doing what I do for a while, and thought that you really couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, I was wrong. Over the last 8 months I have transitioned from being apprehensive regarding the performance of others into developing a whole new level of being comfortable trusting others. Michael’s program lays out certain key distinctions with associated personal plans for improvement that aren’t just concepts, but in truth are extremely effective tools. They are effective tools because they speak to fostering relationships; to managing expectations; to not only recognizing and acknowledging what we do right, but also appreciating what we do right. In summary, I am better at what I spend most of my waking hours doing and our organization is more effective, because of Innovational Services Leadership Development Program.”

Senior Vice President of Revenue & Sales Management
Frank S.

“Mike Aquilino has had a profound impact on my effectiveness as a General Partner of our private equity company. Through his intervention with one of our investments, he has brought a new management group together to operate more as a team than as individuals and brought a better degree of alignment between management and ourselves in terms of strategy and self-interests. For me personally, he has brought back a greater sense of purpose and self control over my future -- bringing me more into the present than the past -- and strengthened the bonds between myself and my partners.”

General Partner
Jim C.

“As a new President of a fast growing company, it was important to me to make sure my senior team was aligned and focused on results. Michael Aquilino and Innovational Services have been instrumental, through one-on-one coaching and the leadership development programs, in getting us there. We've seen our productivity and our profits rise in a short amount of time, and it has been well worth the time and money invested.”

Tom R.

“The time I spent with Mike Aquilino, twice a month for 30 minutes on the phone, made a significant impact on my professional and personal life. Two years ago, I was stuck in a very bad rut and it took a heated and passionate kick in the pants from Mike to get me out. After that, constant coaching, support and encouragement from Mike enabled me to stay on track and re-build my confidence and credibility within my company. Beyond that, Mike helped me to reach an important personal goal to re-establish a better work-life balance. The job of a Sr. Manager in a high growth company is extremely stressful. It is all too easy to fall into the trap of working too hard and get burn out. I believe that Mike’s coaching and support kept me focused and enabled me to be productive and a better leader. Here is an interesting observation … colleagues of mine also received coaching from Innovational Services. Over time, they stopped getting coaching and you could see the impact. They worked longer hours with less productivity and more stress. During this same time, I kept up the conversations with Mike just to keep me on track and from falling back into bad habits. Thanks, Mike. I’m not sure you’ll ever know how much you helped !!”

IT Director

“When I was brought on as the senior HR executive of this entrepreneurial company, my first objective was to align senior leadership around our guiding values. I reached out to Michael at Innovational and worked closely with him to develop tools for our team, and he has helped us drive superior results within the organization. Now he's truly part of the team, and not just an outside consultant.”

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Jeff W.

“I am writing you today to thank you for your guidance through my transition. I have been in my new position now for about 6 weeks and have had time to reflect on my transition experience. You helped me prepare to promote myself. You started with the basics when I wanted to charge ahead. You showed a true interest in me as a person. The process we went through uncovered many of the great things that I have accomplished, the value that I bring to a company and the confidence to go for what I want in my career as in life in general. I look forward to continued association with Innovational Services as situations arise where an executive coach would add value. Thank you again and please feel free to give my contact information as a reference.”

Director of Information Technology
David K.

“Michael and Innovational Services played a key role in our strategy to grow. Their expertise and commitment was beyond anything I could have expected. They worked with key personnel at all levels in our organization, but more importantly they worked on the harder issues inside of a company—alignment. With everyone working in alignment, our success was much easier and more enjoyable.”

Chairman & CEO
Bill L.

“My work with Mike and the Innovational Services Team has been instrumental in defining the long-term vision and growth of our organization. Mike constantly challenges us to push beyond our self-imposed boundaries leading to break through results. My personal work with Mike affords me the opportunity to tap into his vast leadership experiences and his uncanny ability to read people and situations. Innovational Services is a critical member of our team!”

President & CEO
Bill S.

“Our relationship with Innovational Services has been a journey and a partnership with rewards I do not believe we expected when we began creating an improved sales team process. Our goal was to create consistency and very measurable methods for the success of our sales team members and the bottom line. That will be accomplished and in essence complete. What we have gained is a culture of collaboration in our team, confidence in our ability to guide clients and sales people who conduct themselves as leaders versus followers. Innovational Services has also helped management be more engaging and to be true assets to the sales team, allowing us more time to focus on growing the business. Most leaders get stuck in the day to day because of loose clarity within their organization, but with Mike and Jill’s help our sales leaders work “on” the business and not in it. Best part of the relationship is that is not over and continues to improve.”

Ed T.

“After coming on board, my weekly sessions with you were extremely supportive and I knew I was working with a powerful organization. The team at Innovational Services took the time to truly understand me and from the very beginning, I felt part of your family and was extremely comfortable with the entire process. You pushed and prodded when necessary, and also allowed me to work through my difficulties at my own pace…which I appreciate. There is so much that I have learned about myself in the past few months and am much more comfortable talking and marketing myself to organizations and people in general. Something I could not have done without the Innovational team!!!! Lastly, I had heard from time to time that I should explore the world of Business Development, but I never took it seriously because it did not come from credible sources. That all changed when you brought it to my attention…the difference this time is that it came from a dependable and trustworthy resource. Thanks again for the stellar work in helping me understand who I am!!!!!!! P.S. Enough cannot be said about the time Michael Aquilino took in reviewing my offer letter and making sure that WE were comfortable with what was offered. This gentleman stepped in and handled this and that speaks volumes about your dedication to your clients!”

Client Services Director
Joseph S.

“I heard you on KYW News Radio several weeks ago and wanted to wish you well. I also wanted to thank you for all of your help with my career transition and let you know how my transition has been progressing. As I am sure you recall, we worked together several years ago. With your personal assistance during my career transition from the legal profession, I determined the type of work for which I excelled in and would provide me with career satisfaction. I also learned the skill of networking. I landed in the pharmaceutical industry. The networking situation which led to this opportunity was, of all places, a bachelor party. It truly taught me that there is rarely a bad time to network. I have moved through my current organization in various capacities to my current position of Product Development. I must say not only is my compensation equal to or greater than that had I remained in the legal profession, but I have significantly increased my opportunity for career growth. More important than the financial rewards, I have significantly greater job satisfaction. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and wish you the best of luck with your endeavors. I will be sure to pass on any of my colleagues to your company, and please feel free to contact me at any time if I can provide assistance.”

Director, Product Development
Brett K.

“I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all your effort, support and advice with my job search. I feel I received much value from your advice and assistance. With your permission, I would like to recommend your company and services to a select group of my fellow job seekers. As I get settled in my new position, I look forward to speaking with you in the next 90 days for future career coaching.”

Vice President New Business Development
David W.

“Just a brief note of thanks for your time and guidance yesterday. I found our discussion so valuable; I could not stop talking about it with my husband over dinner last night! I have a great deal of work to do, but am confident I will master the interview process as a result of our meeting and your insight. It was a terrific experience for me as our meetings have been. I am feeling more confident every week. Your influence has been powerful and I look forward to the remaining leadership development experience with you.”

Senior Vice President
Angie B.

“I just wanted to take this time and thank you both once again for the opportunity to participate in the Inspired Sales I University Program. I think this is the kind of information which you would think would be common sense, but in reality is lacking in this world. I hope to learn more from your services in the future. No matter where my future path takes me, these skills can be directly applied and a part of my self awareness. Hopefully we can continue to help develop great leaders who take their success and give back and make a difference in the relationships we all share. Thank you so much for being a contribution to my life”

Air Quality Meteorologist
Dayna P.

“Thank you for the Inspired Sales I program today. I found it both refreshing and informative. I left with a new perspective about myself, coworkers, family, clients and anyone else whom may be part of my life.”

Principal Project Leader
Steven B.

“I have always valued Thanksgiving as a time to reflect on the blessings and opportunities present in my life. I think this year I do this with more clarity and magnitude than ever before. I had no idea when we began working together, you would make such a broad impact on my life. Today, I feel truly transformed. What is most impactful is the role of communication and expression. I thank you for opening up my being to this. You are very special in my life.”

Senior Partner
Pamela S.

“Thank you for attending our open house on the 18th. It was a pleasure to have yourself, as well as Tom in attendance at our event. Thank you for your support and encouragement during the planning phase-if I don’t always mention it, the conversations are very helpful to me. I believe the event was a success and look forward to using our sales training to have the attendees become clients. Thanks again.”

Senior Project Manager
Kristen G.

“You amaze me over and over. Hearing all we went over in Inspired Sales I reaffirms some of what I already know and some of what I have not yet acknowledged. When I look at you there is a countenance about you that makes me smile and feel blessed. I will be indebted to Jill, always, for connecting us. I look forward to many more events and opportunities.”

Senior Financial Analyst
Donna K.

“There are many things that come to mind to share with you as we bring this year to a close. When I think about where I was this time last year, I am truly amazed by the complete shift in my life. There is really as feeling of rebirth and this time around, I think I will enjoy and appreciate it much more. I also believe I’ve stopped “searching”-that finding my place is no longer a daily focus. I am still in a small state of shock, but yet I cannot help walking around with a giant grin. Thank you for everything you have done. Our work has made a profound impact on my life.”

Senior Project Manager
Pam S.

“The main thing I have taken from our work together is taking my management philosophy to another level and communicating those ideas and principles with my direct reports. All that I do successfully as a leader depends on credibility, reliability and trust. The tool and techniques that we have discussed have been instrumental in establishing those characteristics in the eyes of my colleagues. In many ways, I think I have become much better at self analysis and discovering the hidden meanings in what I do and say. For example, I am much more self aware of relatedness levels, accountabilities, giving my word, language and breaking down my personal management style barriers that have hindered communication in the past. I am also more aware of perceptions of others and how what I do can influence that in both a positive and negative way. Another key item is continual pushing yourself for improvement and excellence. While the year has been up and down with respect to my commitment to the tasks at hand, your tools and guidance have helped me to recommit to doing the best job that I can as a leader. Thank you.”

Global Production Manager
Brad C.

“I really appreciate all of the lessons, learning and insight that you gave to all of our project managers during the four sessions of the Project Management training program. I can’t wait to read the evaluations. Thank you.”

Director Information Technology
Susanne G.

“In addition to sending a brief note to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday, I wanted to convey a few other thoughts. I have enjoyed our work together and consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to do so. In this brief time since we began, I believe the impact has been tremendous. I feel a momentum happening that is bringing me closer to where my passions lie…and that creates a centered feeling. Thanks for your patience and guidance.”

Senior Consultant
Pamela S.

“Candidly though, what gift you have to enable a person to open up and reflect with you. I truly, truly appreciate your time, energy, honesty guidance and thoughtfulness.”

National Sales Director
Linda M.

“I was called back for a second interview on Friday to meet with some other managers. It went very well, I was very well prepared, I felt confident, they were easy to talk to. I was taken out for lunch, and they actually offered me the job over lunch!! Thanks for your help, it helped me to prepare and feel confident for the interviews. Thanks again!”

Quality Manager
Dan C.

“I clearly had him enrolled, and he saw value in all that I can do. He was enthusiastic. He liked my background, portfolio, and education and related to that. He tenaciously questioned my “skipping around” some jobs but I navigated around that well. You helped me become capable of this, and it is very apparent when I am out there…Thank you!”

Senior Programmer
Steve K.

“I really do want to take a few minutes to say thank you for all that you have done for me and the production management team. I can say with absolute certainty that your close involvement with the team has kept us functioning cohesively and moving in the right direction. Things have been changing at a rapid clip and the team has constantly had to readjust, while continuing to move forward. From what I have seen, I think interpersonal issues and introduction of new personalities would have negatively influenced the team, had it not been for your helping us see these transitions for what they really were. Personally, I really feel like I’ve found my voice since working with you. I have moved past that shy leader that just doesn’t trust herself and have become much more confident in myself. I’ve also learned to trust those around me which I believe is a direct result of being able to trust myself. I am amazed at the improvements I have seen since you were introduced to the picture. I am much better equipped to deal with pushback and drama. I become much better equipped to work through difficult situations. I’m also much better equipped to deal with people that I would have previously found intimidating. I can’t thank you enough for the profound impact you have caused in my life.”

Global Project Manager
Janelle S.

“Thank you again for being who you are. You have taught me so much and have given me such wonderful opportunities.”

Executive Assistant
Amanda F.

“I enjoyed our discussions today and could see your passion for your people, your company, and your clients. I was drawn in by your “way of being” which has shaped your career and touched many people’s lives.”

Executive Assistant
Kathleen P.

“It’s wonderful to meet someone who loves what they do and is willing to share that with others.”

Michele P.

“Thank you so much for all you have taught me! Not only were your wonderful tips applicable to my speech, I see now I can use them for life. I know for a fact that it wouldn’t have gone half as well if I wasn’t blessed with your guidance.”

Recent Grad

“Your help and guidance has been instrumental to me thus far and I only see positives on the horizon.”

Director New Business Development
Steve C.

“During our conversations, Mike’s guidance has really helped me snap back to my core values and reinforce the work we have done for almost two years. These sessions have been tremendously helpful in setting my course and I would like very much to continue the work.”

Global Project Manager
Brain C.

“Thank you for all you contribute to our lives.”

Blasko R.

“Our work together has helped me improve my work performance and helped me achieve professional and personal goals.”

Production Manager
Amanda B.

“Thank you for your participation at Career Weekend. The students I know valued your input and expertise. You really helped make the weekend a success! It is, indeed, a pleasure to work with you.”

Director Career Services
Tammy H.

“I’ve found this to be an exceptional experience and it has helped me grow.”

Senior Product Development
Andrea D.

Our clients are located throughout the country. We love what we do and are good at what we do. If you would like further information or are interested in “Unlocking Your Potential” send us an email or contact us and we will be happy to discuss your situation.
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