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At Innovational Services our executive coaching team has been in the business of providing executive coaching services and programs for more than a decade. Through research, study, observation, partnership, creation and implementation with thousands of individuals we have created and designed a wide range of innovational tools, exercises and processes geared toward causing lasting impact in all areas of our client’s lives and in their organizations.

Coaching, coaching, coaching! Does it seem that today everywhere you turn someone is speaking about coaching? For some it begs the question of, “what in the world is this thing called coaching?” Clearly there is a wide spectrum of methodologies and practices in the market place today. In our view, we would not define coaching as a process of labeling, judging others or a “telling” of what someone should or should not do. That appears to be a treatment of the "symptoms" and not the "cause." Being in the business of executive coaching for as long as we have, we are very aware that there are individuals and firms providing services termed as “coaching” that are outside of our definition, methodologies and commitment to sustained and spaced learning and growth.

Part of the uniqueness we bring, in the back drop of all of our executive coaching programs and services, is the way we go about partnering and then sharing in the experience of taking a very close look at self imposed barriers, conclusions and positions that often limit or shape possibility for an individual or team we are working with. We firmly believe that in a true executive coaching process the first step is to determine together what barriers, conclusions and positions are in place. In our executive coaching processes we do this through a facilitated self discovery process using distinctions. Our process of using distinctions is best defined as that of calling forth to the presence of ones’ thinking something that may have always been at play and yet may not have ever been seen. Once truly seen, and only then, is access to choice available which presents the opportunity for true empowerment. Although “seeing it” is important it begs the question from most of, “then what?” At that critical juncture what is done or not done by the individual or team and the executive coach will clearly cause the outcomes. This is where our experience, tools, exercises and expertise create the pathway and provide the framework necessary in order to have true intentions become realized.

One of the prerequisites to any executive coaching process is an openness to the self discovery process. Through our work we have found that some are very open while others may take time and we understand that fully. It is not “good” or “bad” or “right” or “wrong” it is what it is. If you are finding that you are not happy or satisfied with the results that are present in your career, your leadership, your team, your organization or perhaps in your life overall it may be clear that something other than the "usual" may need to be done.   Invariably, alone, most individuals will rely upon and fall back to what they know which inevitably and predictably will lead them directly to more of the same. It is a fact of human nature across the globe. Our role, from an executive coaching point of view, is to shift or break those repeatable cycles that no longer serve you, your team or your organization well.
If you are interested in obtaining higher levels of performance and results, improved relationships, higher degrees of fulfillment and a calm centered sense of confidence we are open to discussing your situation. We would suggest taking a moment to read what our clients are saying about our work with them in the Success Stories section of our web site and then contact us to schedule a confidential appointment.  
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