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Michael C. Aquilino
President & CEO Innovational Services, Proven Results in Career Transition, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development
Michael C. Aquilino, President & CEO of Innovational Services brings over 30 years of business management and consulting experience to Innovational Services. Michael has held senior management positions in the financial services, employee benefit, investment, executive coaching and career management industries including President & CEO, Executive Vice President, Director of Marketing, Recruitment as well as Training and Development.

Having traveled extensively throughout the United States, Michael contributes a thorough understanding of diverse business cultures, a broad range of industry knowledge and an understanding of the impact employees of all levels bring to corporate growth and causing desired results. He is an accomplished public speaker who has presented for organizations such as the YPO, Temple University, New Jersey Department of Labor, Comcast, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Huron Consulting, Bucks & Montgomery County Human Resource Association, Pitcairn Financial Group, Women’s Regional Business Council, Eastern College, Philadelphia Community College, Malvern Prep and Managers in Transition. He has also been heard on many radio stations including KYW, WWDB, WPEN, and has been published in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Career Builder and has appeared on television on the Comcast Network.

His vast network includes senior level executives and business leaders in a wide range of industries throughout the country, as well as associates of law, accounting, investment and venture capital. As an effective executive coach with 20 years of experience in having helped thousands, Michael’s strength is in his ability to distinguish what is in the way of the desired result and then working through the implementation process until breakthrough results are achieved. Michael also served on the Board of Directors of the World Affairs Council and the Board of Senior Adults for Greater Education and has been featured as a regional expert regarding career related matters on "Ask the Expert" on
His passion and dedication toward helping others find freedom in their thinking is apparent in all that he does. As a highly intuitive individual Michael has the very unique ability to hear the unsaid more than the said. His life’s work and sense of purpose focuses on partnering to unlock human potential with individuals, teams and organizations until their true intentions become realized.

Organizational Development, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching client engagements range from multi-billion dollar global companies through start up organizations and everything in between throughout the country.
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