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Without a doubt, project management is one of the cornerstones of many successful organizations. Through our experience we find that it is instrumental in career advancement as well. The role of a project manager varies greatly from one organization to another, and often within an organization. However, peak performing project managers truly lead teams and organizations to accomplish new results, advance new products, processes, facilities, tools, and ideas.

Through our work we have found that project managers are rarely equipped to address the real issues that keep them up at night...the issues that disrupt their intentions as well as the intention of the organizations and stakeholders they represent. Managing the integral relationship between scope, cost, and schedule is challenging in itself. Yet when asked, project managers often express that they feel vulnerable on so many fronts and not equipped through conventional project management training to address these issues. What would be possible for you or your organization if empowered to address each challenge with energy, confidence, and an authentic way of leading that draws talent, resources, and creativity to you?

Innovational Services invites you to learn how to lead powerfully, to truly champion projects, clients, and stakeholders who depend on you, and to inspire project teams to performance never before achieved.

Project Management is designed for senior level project managers and
organizational leaders accountable for financial performance and leadership development.

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