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It is a tale of two potential outcomes. When lay offs affect your senior and mid level executives, it can either traumatize the executives and the company, or an atmosphere of intentional caring, one that nurtures people through this economic necessity, can be chosen. The lay off process outcome is critical to your organization's image, and the well-being of your employees. The intense uncertainty that ensues when your senior and mid level executives face career transition should be supplanted with reassurance and hope.

Innovational Services has the resources, expertise and the knowledge to ensure a beneficial outcome to everyone affected by this change. Our proven science and methodology achieves results not usually contemplated during the difficult hours spent wrestling with harsh business reality. What your executives require is the freedom in their thinking that comes from a strong sense of direction and clarity and the plan and resources to get them there. When your executives partner with our experienced team of career consultants, the results are transformational for them and demonstrate sound business practice for the organization.

Traditional outplacement services create a cookie cutter approach to moving people out and on their way. People are left primarily to their own devises, emotionally drained, bitter and feeling lost. By contrast, our unique approach provides direct one-on-one career consulting from day one. The value of this close partnership is the sense of astonishing empowerment reported by our clients. They know that "partnering to unlock human potential" produces results that last a lifetime.

Innovational Services does not offer outplacement for the masses. Our approach is designed specifically for key executives. Commencing with a comprehensive assessment process to provide direction and focus, and concluding with the evaluation and negotiation of offers, your key executives benefit from individual expert coaching. It is during weekly scheduled sessions that personal breakthroughs occur. These breakthroughs propel individuals to career choices where they find fulfillment, sense of purpose and self-expression. Our track record of success unmistakably confirms the power of unlocking potential.

Working with your key executives is something we take very seriously. We are passionately committed to every single person entrusted to us.
We partner with them, guide them and ultimately celebrate their success.
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