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Turning Point Fitness, Inc.
"A Whole New You"

If you have reached that point in your life when you are tired of not eating right and tired of being out of shape or looking at those that are in shape and wanting to get there but just don't know how then Turning Point Fitness can help. My name is Lisa Roach, founder of Turning Point Fitness, Inc. I remember the day that I had finally reached the Turning Point in my life and decided to do something about my health and well being. That was over 12 years ago. I remember how confusing it was and not knowing where to start. Since then I have dedicated myself to the health and well being of myself and others. I have spent over 2500 hours in state of the art gyms using and learning all types of equipment and exercise programs and have studied extensively and learned the many diets, fad diets and myths that exist. Through hard work, partnership and determination I became an example for others to follow and am a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritional Consultant.

As part of the ongoing dedication that I bring to my own health and well being I have undergone an extensive State Accredited educational program for personal training and nutrition which included over 500 hours of hands on detailed instruction and education on a wide range of subjects. Examples of which include detailed anatomy and physiology, micro and macro anatomy and physiology of the body and cells, nutrition as it relates to our body's energy system, coverage of macro and micro nutrients and the proper diets for fitness, performance and health.

Through my experience and training I have developed an in depth client evaluation process utilized to design tailor made fitness, exercise and nutritional programs to suit the needs and goals of clients. My approach is thorough and comprehensive. Inside of all of the work that I do with my clients there is one underlying motivation, that as a client you truly can have the vision you have of yourself in your mind be your reality.

I never forgot the day I made my choice and how I felt then and how I feel now each time I am reminded by someone that it seems so far for them to go. I am committed to having you find a "whole new you."
Turning Point Fitness, Inc.
Lisa Roach, Founder
Certified Personal Trainer
(856) 534-5290